Official Archive Mirrors for Ubuntu

These mirrors provide repositories and archives of all software for the distribution.

There are 464 mirrors registered for Ubuntu.

Argentina10 Mbps1 mirror
Universidad Nacional de Córdobahttp10 MbpsSix hours behind
Armenia1 Gbps1 mirror
ASNET-AMhttp1 GbpsSix hours behind
Australia52 Gbps16 mirrors
AARNet Pty Ltdhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsSix hours behind
Internet Association of Australia Inc.http ftp10 GbpsSix hours behind
Melbourne IThttp rsync10 GbpsLast update unknown
DataMossahttp rsync10 GbpsLast update unknown
iiNethttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Hostcentralhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Hostcentralhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
Intergridhttp1 GbpsOne day behind
Internodehttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Launtelhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsSix hours behind
Netspace Online Systemshttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Over The Wirehttp ftp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Thornlie Christian Collegehttp1 GbpsUp to date
Digital Pacifichttp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
Servers Australiahttp1 GbpsLast update unknown
SolNode Pty Ltdhttp1 GbpsOne week behind
Austria3 Gbps4 mirrors
UPC Austriahttp ftp rsync2 GbpsOne day behind
Klaus-Uwe Mittererhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
lagis Internet Serviceprovider GmbHhttp ftp rsync100 MbpsOne day behind
University of Klagenfurthttp ftp100 MbpsUp to date
Azerbaijan5 Gbps2 mirrors
Azertelecomhttp ftp rsync4 GbpsUp to date
Delta Telecomhttp1 GbpsOne week behind
Bangladesh3 Gbps3 mirrors
dhakaCom Limitedhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
dhakaCom Limitedhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
XeonBDhttp1 GbpsOne week behind
Belarus4 Gbps2 mirrors
RUE Beltelecom, MGTShttp ftp rsync2 GbpsUp to date
Rue Beltelecom, Datacenterhttp ftp2 GbpsOne week behind
Belgium11 Gbps3 mirrors
Belnethttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne week behind
Unix-Solutions BVBAhttp1 GbpsUp to date
Infogroephttp100 MbpsOne week behind
Bosnia and Herzegovina1 Gbps1 mirror
Mirror.bahttp1 GbpsOne day behind
Botswana10 Mbps1 mirror
RETENTION RANGE (PTY) LTDhttp ftp10 MbpsUp to date
Brazil33 Gbps8 mirrors
Use Telecomunicaçõeshttp10 GbpsOne week behind
C3SL/UFPRhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
Universidade Federal do Amazonashttp4 GbpsTwo days behind
Federal University of Alagoashttp4 GbpsOne week behind
Globo.comhttp2 GbpsLast update unknown
Universidade Federal do Cariri – UFCAhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
University of Sao Paulohttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Locawebhttp1 GbpsTwo days behind
Bulgaria14 Gbps4 mirrors
IPACCThttp ftp rsync10 GbpsTwo days behind
Neterra LTDhttp ftp rsync2 GbpsOne day behind
Telepointhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridskihttp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Canada64 Gbps17 mirrors
LayerOnlinehttp20 GbpsUp to date
Computer Science Club of the University of Waterloohttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne hour behind
Manitoba Unix User Grouphttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne week behind
FullHosthttp10 GbpsUp to date
fastdnshttp4 GbpsLast update unknown
iWeb Technologies Inc.http ftp rsync4 GbpsSix hours behind
Rafał Rzeczkowskihttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Université du Québec à Montréal – clibrehttp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
The University of British Columbiahttp1 GbpsOne day behind
Simon Fraser University – Research Computing Grouphttp1 GbpsOne week behind
OVH.COMhttp1 GbpsOne day behind
GloboTech Communicationshttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Savoir-faire Linuxhttp ftp100 MbpsOne week behind
Club CEDILLEhttp100 MbpsUp to date
Dalhousie Universityhttp ftp rsync100 MbpsTwo days behind
Memorial University of Newfoundlandftp10 MbpsUp to date
Ubuntu-mirror-rafal-cahttp10 MbpsOne week behind
Chile4 Gbps3 mirrors
Universidad de Chile – Direccion de Tecnologias de la Informacionhttp2 GbpsOne day behind
TECNOERAhttp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Linetshttp rsync1 GbpsSix hours behind
China12 Gbps14 mirrors
Alibaba Cloud Computinghttp2 GbpsOne week behind
Future Network Lab (FNL) @ Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT)ftp2 GbpsLast update unknown
Shanghai Jiaotong Universityhttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
CN99http1 GbpsOne day behind
DevCloudhttp1 GbpsOne week behind
Nanjing Universityhttp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Sohuhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
Tsinghua Universityhttp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
USTC Linux User Grouphttp ftp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
Capital Online Data Servicehttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Lanzhou University Open Source Societyhttp100 MbpsOne week behind
Chongqing Universityhttp100 MbpsOne day behind
NjuptmirrorsGrouphttp100 MbpsOne day behind
Northwest A&F Universityhttp100 MbpsTwo hours behind
Colombia2 Gbps3 mirrors
EDATEL ISPhttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
Universidad del Magdalenahttp1 GbpsSix hours behind
Universidad Pontificia Bolivarianahttp100 MbpsOne day behind
Costa Rica100 Mbps1 mirror
Universidad de Costa Ricahttp ftp rsync100 MbpsOne day behind
Croatia1 Gbps1 mirror
Faculty of civil engineering, Zagrebhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
Cyprus100 Mbps1 mirror
University of Cyprus, Libraryhttp100 MbpsOne day behind
Czech Republic35 Gbps6 mirrors
Brno University of Technologyhttp ftp rsync20 GbpsOne week behind
CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.http ftp rsync10 GbpsOne hour behind
UPC Česká republika, s.r.o.http ftp rsync2 GbpsUp to date
Czech Technical University Praguehttp ftp1 GbpsOne hour behind
Silicon Hillhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Ignum, s.r.o.http ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Denmark81 Gbps6 mirrors
EasySpeedyhttp ftp rsync20 GbpsOne day behind
dotsrc.orghttp ftp rsync20 GbpsOne day behind
iODC PLChttp ftp rsync20 GbpsOne day behind
iODC PLChttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne day behind
One.comhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsTwo days behind
Netsitehttp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
Ecuador100 Mbps1 mirror
Consorcio Ecuatoriano para el Desarrollo de Internet Avanzado – CEDIAhttp ftp rsync100 MbpsSix hours behind
Estonia2 Gbps2 mirrors
Elion Enterprises Ltdhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
Information System Authorityhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Finland1 Gbps1 mirror
CSC / Funethttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
France22 Gbps10 mirrors
Bouygues Telecomhttp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
OVHhttp4 GbpsTwo days behind
PlusServer GmbHhttp2 GbpsUp to date
ServerLofthttp2 GbpsUp to date
Ircamhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Université de Nanteshttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
LIP6/UPMChttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
Université de Lorrainehttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
CNRS/IPSLhttp ftp rsync45 MbpsOne week behind
Universite Reims Champagne-Ardennehttp ftp10 MbpsOne week behind
French Polynesia100 Mbps1 mirror
LoLiTahttp ftp rsync100 MbpsUp to date
Georgia1 Gbps2 mirrors
GRENAhttp1 GbpsOne day behind KbpsSix hours behind
Germany150 Gbps38 mirrors
RWTH Aachen Universityhttp ftp rsync20 GbpsTwo days behind
LRZhttp rsync20 GbpsLast update unknown
Charite Berlinhttp10 GbpsUp to date
StudNet Bonnhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne day behind
Uni Stuttgarthttp ftp rsync10 GbpsTwo days behind
23mediahttp rsync10 GbpsOne day behind
LeaseWeb Germany GmbHhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne day behind GmbHhttp10 GbpsUp to date
LWLcom GmbHhttp10 GbpsLast update unknown
Technische Universität Dresdenhttp rsync10 GbpsLast update unknown
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberghttp ftp rsync4 GbpsOne day behind
Esslingen University of Applied Scienceshttp ftp rsync2 GbpsUp to date
University of Kaiserslauternhttp ftp rsync2 GbpsOne day behind
NetColognehttp ftp rsync2 GbpsOne day behind
serverloft – SERVER4YOUhttp rsync2 GbpsSix hours behind
Artfiles New Media GmbHhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Freie Universität Berlinftp1 GbpsOne day behind
RRZN, Leibniz Universität Hannoverftp1 GbpsUp to date
RRZNhttp1 GbpsTwo days behind
Technical University of Braunschweighttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
TU Chemnitzhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
TU-Ilmenauhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Universität Bayreuthhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainzhttp ftp1 GbpsTwo days behind
GWDGhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
FH-Aachenhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
KAMP Netzwerkdienste GmbHhttp1 GbpsOne day behind
ratiokontakt GmbHhttp1 GbpsOne day behind
tuxcall.dehttp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Tuxinatorhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
OTH Regensburghttp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
University of Leipzighttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
UNITED COLO GmbHhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
Host Europehttp ftp100 MbpsTwo hours behind MbpsLast update unknown
Technische Universität Chemnitzhttp10 MbpsOne week behind KbpsOne week behind KbpsUp to date
Greece3 Gbps3 mirrors
University of Cretehttp ftp1 GbpsUp to date
NTUAhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
OTENEThttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Greenland45 Mbps1 mirror
Tele Greenland A/Shttp rsync45 MbpsSix hours behind
Hong Kong12 Gbps3 mirrors
xTom Hong Kong Limitedhttp rsync10 GbpsOne week behind
The Chinese University of Hong Konghttp ftp1 GbpsTwo days behind
KoDDoShttp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
Hungary13 Gbps4 mirrors
Governmental Information-Technology Development Agency, Hungaryhttp10 GbpsTwo hours behind
GTXhttp ftp rsync2 GbpsUp to date Foundationhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Quantum Mirrorhttp rsync100 MbpsTwo days behind
Iceland2 Gbps2 mirrors
Siminn hfhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Advaniahttp1 GbpsOne week behind
India31 Gbps6 mirrors
PicoNets WebWerkshttp10 GbpsOne week behind
Extreme IXhttp rsync10 GbpsOne day behind
Esto Internethttp10 GbpsOne week behind
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpurhttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
Shiv Nadar Universityhttp100 MbpsLast update unknown
Indian Institute of Technology Madrashttp ftp rsync45 MbpsLast update unknown
Indonesia15 Gbps9 mirrors
Deace.IDhttp10 GbpsOne week behind
University of Indonesiahttp ftp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
Datautama-Net-IDhttp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabayahttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
PT. Biznet Gio Nusantarahttp1 GbpsOne week behind
Universitas Jemberhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Politeknik Negeri Banyuwangihttp100 MbpsLast update unknown
Universitas Surabayahttp ftp rsync100 MbpsOne day behind
Universitas Pattimurahttp ftp rsync45 MbpsLast update unknown
Iran, Islamic Republic of58 Gbps11 mirrors
Sindad LLChttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne week behind
Amin IDChttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne day behind
Armaghanhttp10 GbpsUp to date
Rasanegar Smart Solutionshttp10 GbpsLast update unknown
Host Iranhttp ftp10 GbpsLast update unknown
ASIShttp rsync4 GbpsOne week behind
XaaShttp rsync2 GbpsLast update unknown
ParsDevhttp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Parspack.comhttp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
Iranserverhttp100 MbpsLast update unknown
Isfahan University of Technologyhttp2 MbpsOne week behind
Ireland10 Gbps1 mirror
HEAnethttp ftp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
Israel1 Gbps2 mirrors
uPress Inchttp1 GbpsTwo days behind
Israel Internet Associationhttp ftp100 MbpsOne week behind
Italy30 Gbps5 mirrors
Evowise.comhttp10 GbpsOne week behind
Connesi s.p.a.http10 GbpsLast update unknown
GARR Mirror servicehttp10 GbpsUp to date
Crazy Networkhttp rsync100 MbpsTwo days behind
University of Genoahttp10 MbpsTwo hours behind
Japan18 Gbps7 mirrors
Yamagata Universityhttp10 GbpsUp to date
JAISThttp ftp rsync4 GbpsLast update unknown
RIKENhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Tsukuba WIDEhttp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
FAIRWAY Corportaionhttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
UNIVERSITY OF TOYAMA with Ubuntu Japanese LoCohttp1 GbpsSix hours behind
K.K. Ashisuto with Ubuntu Japanese LoCohttp100 MbpsOne day behind
Kazakhstan3 Gbps3 mirrors
LLP Kompaniya Hoster.KZhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
Neolabs LLPhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
PS Internet Company LLChttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Kenya100 Mbps1 mirror
Kenya Education Network (KENET)http ftp100 MbpsOne day behind
Korea, Republic of5 Gbps5 mirrors
Kakao Corp.http2 GbpsOne week behind
Harukasanhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
KAISThttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
NeowizGameshttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
LANEThttp ftp rsync100 MbpsOne week behind
Kuwait1 Gbps1 mirror
Zain Telecom Kuwaithttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Latvia2 Gbps2 mirrors
University of Latviahttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
koyanet.lvhttp1 GbpsSix hours behind
Lithuania3 Gbps4 mirrors
UAB Esnethttp1 GbpsTwo hours behind
Interneto Vizijahttp1 GbpsOne week behind
Vilnius Universityhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
LitNEThttp ftp rsync100 MbpsOne week behind
Luxembourg1 Gbps1 mirror
root S.A.http ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
Macedonia, Republic of11 Gbps2 mirrors
one.Viphttp rsync10 GbpsOne day behind
Macedonian Telecomhttp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Madagascar100 Mbps1 mirror
Telmahttp100 MbpsOne week behind
Malaysia210 Mbps3 mirrors
IPServerOne Ubuntuhttp100 MbpsOne day behind
myduniahosting.comhttp100 MbpsOne week behind
Tuxurihttp10 MbpsTwo days behind
Moldova, Republic of20 Gbps2 mirrors
Trabia-Networkhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne day behind
MivoCloudhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
Mongolia1 Gbps1 mirror
Mongolian National Data Centerhttp1 GbpsOne week behind
Namibia100 Mbps1 mirror
Namibia University of Science and Technologyhttp100 MbpsUp to date
Nepal100 Mbps1 mirror
Nepal Telecomhttp100 MbpsOne week behind
Netherlands131 Gbps21 mirrors
datapacket.comhttp20 GbpsOne week behind
BIT B.V.http rsync10 GbpsUp to date
NLUUGhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne week behind
University of Twente, The Netherlandshttp ftp10 GbpsTwo days behind
1000Mbps.comhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne week behind
i3D.nethttp ftp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
NFOrce Entertainment B.V.http ftp rsync10 GbpsOne day behind
Serveriushttp rsync10 GbpsOne week behind
Vente-Privéehttp10 GbpsLast update unknown
Cambrium BV.http10 GbpsSix hours behind
Dataone Datacentershttp ftp rsync4 GbpsLast update unknown
LeaseWeb B.V.http ftp rsync4 GbpsOne day behind
TransIP B.V.http ftp rsync4 GbpsTwo days behind
Amsio B.V.http ftp2 GbpsSix hours behind
PCextreme B.V.http2 GbpsUp to date
Technische Universiteit Delfthttp ftp1 GbpsTwo days behind
Hostnet bvhttp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Previder B.V.http ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
Rijksuniversiteit Groningenhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
True BVhttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
Ftpserv-tudelft-nlftp10 MbpsOne week behind
New Caledonia3 Gbps2 mirrors
Nautilehttp rsync2 GbpsUp to date
Offratelhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
New Zealand13 Gbps5 mirrors
Theo M’s Mirror Servicehttp rsync10 GbpsLast update unknown
Citylinkhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Free Software Mirror Group (FSMG)http rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
University of Canterburyhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind KbpsOne day behind
Nigeria1 Gbps1 mirror
Web4Africahttp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Norway22 Gbps4 mirrors
Blix Solutions AShttp rsync10 GbpsOne day behind
The Student Society in Trondhjem, Norwayhttp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
UNINETT/University of Oslohttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
University of Bergenhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
Pakistan200 Mbps2 mirrors
Nayatel (Pvt) Ltdhttp100 MbpsLast update unknown
Inara Technologieshttp100 MbpsLast update unknown
Philippines1 Gbps2 mirrors
DOST-ASTIhttp ftp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Risehttp ftp100 MbpsUp to date
Poland15 Gbps7 mirrors
ICM – Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modellinghttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne week behind
AGH University of Science and Technologyhttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind – Data Storage Centerhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
Miejska Sieć Komputerowa LODMAN / Politechnika Łódzka CKhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
Politechnika Gdanska / CI TASKhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Vectrahttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Ftp-man-szczecin-plftp10 MbpsOne week behind
Portugal24 Gbps6 mirrors
PTISPhttp10 GbpsLast update unknown
Universidade do Portohttp ftp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
University of Coimbra, Dep. Informatics Engineeringhttp ftp1 GbpsOne hour behind
Rede das Novas Licenciaturas – Instituto Superior Técnicohttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
Grupo de Linux da Universidade de Aveirohttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
WebTugahttp1 GbpsTwo days behind
Romania34 Gbps9 mirrors
NAV Communicationshttp ftp rsync10 GbpsTwo days behind
nxtHost.comhttp rsync10 GbpsTwo days behind
Evowise.comhttp10 GbpsOne day behind
UPC Romaniahttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Pidgin Hosthttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiuhttp ftp1 GbpsLast update unknown
RCS & RDShttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
xServershttp100 MbpsOne week behind
Romanian Linux Users Grouphttp ftp10 MbpsOne week behind
Russian Federation24 Gbps7 mirrors
ia64-linux.orghttp10 GbpsUp to date
Truenetworkhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsTwo days behind
Beelinehttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
TIMEWEBhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne hour behind
Yandexhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
POWERNEThttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Logol Hostinghttp ftp100 MbpsOne day behind
Rwanda100 Mbps1 mirror
RICTAftp100 MbpsTwo days behind
Saudi Arabia1 Gbps1 mirror
KACST/ISUhttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
Serbia100 Mbps1 mirror
Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sadhttp100 MbpsOne day behind
Singapore11 Gbps2 mirrors
Andrew Yonghttp ftp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
National University of Singapore (School of Computing – Siglabs)http ftp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Slovakia23 Gbps3 mirrors
VNET,a.s.http ftp rsync20 GbpsTwo days behind
Energotel, a.s.http ftp2 GbpsTwo days behind
Rainsidehttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
Slovenia100 Mbps1 mirror
Arneshttp ftp100 MbpsOne day behind
South Africa10 Gbps2 mirrors
WIRUlinkhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsTwo days behind
UCT LEGhttp ftp rsync10 MbpsSix hours behind
Spain19 Gbps11 mirrors
Evowise.comhttp10 GbpsLast update unknown
Oficina de Software Libre – CIXUGhttp ftp rsync2 GbpsUp to date
CICAhttp ftp rsync2 GbpsOne week behind
Linuxmirror.eshttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo hours behind
Caliuhttp1 GbpsOne week behind
TEDRA GROUPhttp ftp1 GbpsSix hours behind
Universidad de Zaragozahttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid – Oficina de Software Librehttp1 GbpsOne day behind
DAFI de la Universidad de Murciahttp ftp100 MbpsUp to date
CSUCftp rsync100 MbpsOne day behind
GRN Serveis telemàticshttp ftp100 MbpsTwo days behind
Sweden26 Gbps6 mirrors
Academic Computer Club, Umeå Universityhttp ftp rsync20 GbpsLast update unknown
Stockholm Universityhttp rsync2 GbpsTwo days behind
Lysatorhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
LinuxPizzahttp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
OperationTuliphttp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Zetup ABhttp1 GbpsUp to date
Switzerland41 Gbps4 mirrors
Init7 (Schweiz) AGhttp20 GbpsTwo days behind
Communication Systems Group (CSG@UZH)http ftp10 GbpsOne day behind
ETH Zürich, ISG D-PHYShttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne week behind
Adfinis SyGroup AGhttp1 GbpsOne day behind
Taiwan29 Gbps8 mirrors
NCHC, Taiwanhttp ftp20 GbpsUp to date
Ubuntu-TWhttp ftp rsync4 GbpsLast update unknown
TKU-TamKangUniversityhttp ftp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Yuan Ze University, Dept of CSEhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
Institute of Network Development, National Taiwan Ocean Universityhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
NCTUCSCChttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Shu-Te Universityhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Chunghwa Telecomhttp100 MbpsLast update unknown
Tanzania, United Republic of1 Gbps2 mirrors
Aptus Solutionshttp1 GbpsTwo hours behind
Habari Node Ltd.http rsync45 MbpsOne week behind
Thailand15 Gbps6 mirrors
Bangmod Enterprise Co., Ltd.http10 GbpsOne day behind
Khon Kaen Universityhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind GbpsOne hour behind
Office of Computer Services, Kasetsart Universityhttp1 GbpsTwo days behind
TOThttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
Prince of Songkla Universityhttp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
Tunisia1 Gbps1 mirror
ATIhttp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Turkey8 Gbps8 mirrors
Linux Kullanicilari Dernegihttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
Güzel Hostinghttp1 GbpsOne week behind
iDeal Hostinghttp1 GbpsTwo days behind
MUVHost – MUV Bilisim ve Telekomunikasyon Hiz. Ltd.http ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Netinternethttp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
SAGLAYICI Bilisimhttp1 GbpsOne day behind
Turhost Hosting & Serverhttp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Vargonenhttp1 GbpsOne day behind
Uganda100 Mbps1 mirror
Research & Education Network for Ugandahttp100 MbpsOne week behind
Ukraine26 Gbps6 mirrors
Colocall Datacenterhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsTwo hours behind
Volia Broadbandhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsOne day behind
IP-Connect LLChttp ftp rsync2 GbpsTwo days behind
Omnilance Ltd.http2 GbpsLast update unknown
mirohost.nethttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
NetForce Ukraine LLChttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
United Kingdom52 Gbps18 mirrors
Vorboss Ltdhttp10 GbpsOne week behind
UKFasthttp ftp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
University Of Kent UK Mirror Servicehttp ftp rsync10 GbpsSix hours behind
Evowise.comhttp10 GbpsOne week behind
Ticklers.orghttp ftp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
XILO Communications Ltd.http ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
Bytemark Hostinghttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Freethought Internethttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Mythic Beasts Ltdhttp1 GbpsSix hours behind
IT Services, University of Oxfordhttp ftp1 GbpsLast update unknown
Exascalehttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Goscomb Technologies Limitedhttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
Melbourne Server Hosting Ltd.http ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
Imperial College Londonhttp1 GbpsOne week behind
Bigstep Cloud LTDhttp1 GbpsLast update unknown
UK2http ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Canonical Ltd.http ftp rsync100 MbpsUp to date
The Positive Internet Companyhttp100 MbpsUp to date
United States260 Gbps74 mirrors ftp rsync20 GbpsUp to date
Genesis Adaptive Hosting, Inc.http ftp rsync20 GbpsOne hour behind
Princeton Mathematicshttp rsync20 GbpsUp to date
xTomhttp20 GbpsSix hours behind
Evowise.comhttp10 GbpsOne day behind
Nodes Directhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsTwo days behind
Pacific NorthWest National Labhttp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
LeaseWeb USA, Inchttp ftp rsync10 GbpsLast update unknown
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvaniahttp ftp rsync10 GbpsLast update unknown
Rochester Institute of Technologyhttp ftp10 GbpsOne week behind
Syringa Networkshttp ftp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
Evowise.comhttp10 GbpsLast update unknown
FORETHOUGHT.nethttp10 GbpsOne week behind
University of Utahhttp ftp rsync10 GbpsUp to date
Constant.comhttp10 GbpsSix hours behind
Wikimedia Foundationhttp rsync10 GbpsOne week behind
TOCICI LLChttp4 GbpsUp to date
Atlantic.Nethttp ftp rsync2 GbpsOne day behind
Columbia Universityhttp ftp2 GbpsOne day behind
Limestone Networkshttp ftp rsync2 GbpsUp to date
Siena Collegehttp rsync2 GbpsOne day behind
AdvancedHostershttp ftp rsync2 GbpsOne day behind
Dakota State Universityhttp2 GbpsUp to date
OSU Open Source Labhttp ftp rsync2 GbpsSix hours behind
West Virginia University – Department of Physics and Astronomyhttp1 GbpsOne week behind
University of South Floridahttp ftp1 GbpsTwo days behind
Virginia Techhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Clarkson Universityhttp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Cogent Communicationshttp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
James Madison University Department of Computer Sciencehttp1 GbpsOne day behind
University of Pittsburghhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
University of California at Davishttp1 GbpsOne day behind
MrJesterhttp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
os6.orghttp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
Picosecond Softwarehttp ftp rsync1 GbpsSix hours behind
Silicon Valley Web Hosting LLChttp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
Steadfast Networkshttp rsync1 GbpsOne hour behind
Team Cymruhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
Team Cymru, Inc.http ftp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
University of Marylandhttp rsync1 GbpsOne week behind
University of Oregonhttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
Nexcess.nethttp1 GbpsOne week behind LLChttp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
Accretive Networkshttp1 GbpsLast update unknown
ARP Networks, Inc.http1 GbpsLast update unknown
Portland State Universityhttp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Easynewshttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
GigeNethttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date
LiquidWebhttp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
MTU Linux Users Grouphttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
University of Maine Systemhttp1 GbpsTwo days behind
MIT SIPBhttp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
NameCheap.comhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Open Computing Facility at UC Berkeleyhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsUp to date, Inc.http ftp1 GbpsSix hours behind
TripAdvisorhttp rsync1 GbpsTwo days behind
US Internethttp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
Xmissionhttp ftp1 GbpsOne day behind
Corespacehttp ftp1 GbpsTwo days behind
MBNI, University of Michiganhttp1 GbpsTwo days behind
TDS Internet Serviceshttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Frontier Communicationshttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
pair Networkshttp ftp1 GbpsOne week behind
whats-in.spacehttp1 GbpsOne day behind
Carnegie Mellon Computer Clubhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsLast update unknown
Georgia Tech. Software Libraryhttp ftp rsync1 GbpsOne day behind
Duke Universityhttp100 MbpsOne day behind
The University of Texas at Austinhttp ftp rsync100 MbpsOne week behind
Advanced Network Computing Lab Hawaiihttp ftp100 MbpsOne day behind
Washington State Universityhttp100 MbpsOne week behind
Secured Servers LLChttp100 MbpsSix hours behind MbpsOne day behind
University of West Georgiahttp rsync45 MbpsTwo days behind
Indiana Universityhttp10 MbpsOne week behind
Uruguay45 Mbps1 mirror
UDELAR-CUREhttp45 MbpsOne day behind
Uzbekistan100 Mbps1 mirror
ISP Sarkor Telecomhttp ftp100 MbpsLast update unknown
Viet Nam500 Mbps5 mirrors
clearsky.vnhttp100 MbpsOne day behind
EHOST Softwarehttp100 MbpsOne week behind
Nhan Hoahttp100 MbpsSix hours behind
vHosthttp100 MbpsLast update unknown
XTDV Grouphttp100 MbpsOne week behind
1539 Gbps464 mirrors
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